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There's a song, from Jonathan Larson's "tick...tick...BOOM," entitled "Come to Your Senses." The singer urges: "Let the music commence from inside; not only one sense, but use all five. Come to your senses." So I guess that's what I'm doing. Using all 5, figuring it out, every day.
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When I walk into the lululemon athletica store in Santa Monica, I see an image of myself on the wall. When the photo was taken two years ago, I was proudly wearing a size 12 groove pant.


Prior to becoming an Ambassador for lululemon, I loved the product AND had resonated with the company’s…

LOVE this post. I also wear a size 12 at Lulu, and I also have to pick and choose which clothes I buy, as some of their stuff just won’t flatter my body. The stuff I do buy, however, makes a huge difference in my workouts. For one thing, there’s just a higher quality in the fabrics - I’m more comfortable throughout grueling workouts when fabrics wick away sweat and when I’m not constantly adjusting straps or waistbands. But I’m also thrilled with how the clothes flatter my body - and when I feel strong, I push myself harder and I leave my workouts feeling even better about myself. 

In short: yay lulu, boo haters. 



Boston celebrating the world series

Fuck yes y’all

Boston’s kings of clutch and the calls they’ve inspired.

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lmfao look at this buncha herbs

Oh jesus.

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Is Mike Napoli single? Can someone tell me this? I have questions.

Is Mike Napoli single? Can someone tell me this? I have questions.

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It’s like a zumba workout mixed with a cardiobox workout mixed with a barre or pilates workout. Which just makes this the most amazingly fun workout in the world. Well, that might be a little bit drastic, but you get my drift. 

It’s a ton of fun, you sweat to death, and by the time it’s over, you wish there was another half hour. Plus, I’ve always had a wanna be drummer somewhere deep down inside me.

seriously the most fun I’ve ever had in a class. took my first pound class tonight and between the blink 182 and the fallout boy tracks, my inner 15 year old was just having the best time ever.



I totally ate it without thinking and then immediately realized how easy it would be to be poisoned at work

… I can’t decide if i’m amused or offended.

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